We are so grateful for everyone who volunteers at Penn Valley!

We invite all members to please consider filling an open seat on the 15 member PVAC  Board and serving on a committee.

2020 PVAC Board Officers

President – Jon Hauser

Vice President – Ryan McClellan

Treasurer – Open Position

Secretary – Tyler Large

2020 Committee Descriptions and Chairpersons

Finance – OPEN (typically the Treasurer is Chair)
Short-term and long-term fiscal management.
Grounds and Facilities – Craig Smith
This is the committee where the most people are needed.  Whether you have specialized skills (electrical, plumbing) or basic (picking up sticks after winter), all help is welcome!  We have a running list of tasks to be done at all times.  If you like to use your hands and work outside, or if you can’t sit still while you’re at the pool, this is the committee for you!
Marketing – Trisha Murray
Personal recommendation remains our main source of member acquisition, but the marketing committee also coordinates social media, road signs, and various community events.  This year, the committee will be focused on exploring new streams of revenue.
Activities – Carie Manzer
Our goal is to have weekly activities for kids age 5-11, monthly teen parties (ages 12-17), family parties, and adult parties, annual camp outs, holiday picnics, and more.  We will have 15 weeks in the 2020 season, so we need about 20 people to offer to coordinate just one activity each.  We also need parents who spend most of their time in the baby pool to bring forth ideas and requests to help PVAC be the best place for our youngest members and their parents.
Membership – OPEN
The membership committee is responsible for tracking membership, helping to welcome new members, and working to retain current families.
Improvement and Renovations – Jon Hauser
This is an ad hoc committee recently formed to explore the possibilities of a major renovation to PVAC.
Swim Team Liaison – Trisha Murray
This is not actually a committee, but a liaison between the swim team and the Board.

If you have interest in any of these committees or Board positions, please contact us and we’ll forward it to the committee chairs.

Other Leadership Positions

President PVAC Swim Team — Trisha Murray

Pool Manager — Deanna Golden